Sandblasting is a critical step for preparing industrial and commercial surfaces to be painted. Contaminants like old paint, dirt, grime, mill scale, rust, and other debris are completely removed by our state-of-the-art sandblasting process. Even the slightest debris on the surfaces in the interior or exterior of your business are no match for our high velocity sandblasting services! Our knowledgeable Fredericton painters will select the most effective sandblasting procedure for your specific industrial painting or commercial painting project. For heavy sandblasting, they use abrasive materials like steel grit, powdered abrasives, and copper slag. For softer surfaces that require more delicate sandblasting, our process contains a walnut, coconut shell, or ground corn cob. These modern sandblasting methods effectively clean all types of industrial and commercial surfaces, even hard metals like steel and iron!

Using the correct sandblasting procedure allows our professional Fredericton painters to achieve the most thorough and long-lasting bonding of paint to surface. Safety is always our first concern which is why our Fredericton painters conduct all sandblasting services in a carefully controlled environment with proper ventilation, protective gear, and an alternate air supply to protect themselves, you, and your employees. This also minimizes the risk of generating difficult to control air-borne particles. Our sandblasting services are available alongside our painting services for business owners in Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, Dieppe, Woodstock, Oromocto, and surrounding areas.

Our sandblasting services complement the suite of industrial painting services, epoxy floor coatings, and commercial painting and house painting services offered by LDG Industriel. Contact us today to learn about our company and find the service that is right for your needs. Browse our gallery for photos of our recent projects and read some reviews written by our satisfied clients as well!

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